Nomad Jones

Nomad Jones

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Nomad Jones is a hot new Western Canadian bluegrass outfit equally comfortable ripping on rollicking classics or serenading on sultry ballads. Drawing from an extensive repertoire from traditional ‘grass and beyond, Nomad Jones provides the full package with father-son harmonies and intriguing instrumentals.

A combination of youth and beauty, veterans and virtuosos, Nomad Jones banded together to chase the bluegrass bug, bolstered by their diverse backgrounds. Equally comfortable ripping on rollicking classics or serenading on sultry ballads, Nomad Jones draws on an extensive repertoire of traditional ‘grass and beyond to provide a full package of family harmonies and intriguing instrumentals.

Nico Humby

The youngest member of the band, Nico Humby (Edmonton, AB) puts down a solid bottom end on the double bass while providing passionate lead and harmony vocals. Nico’s entertaining bluegrass style has evolved through years of singing and playing various genres of music, from R&B and swing to folk and funk. Nico has also contributed some original tunes to the band, such as the song Wasted Time, which can be heard on the bands most recent album.

Alongside with music, Nico is a photographer and designer. 

Miles Zurawell

Another fine player bringing down the average age of the band, Miles Zurawell (Victoria, B.C.) will draw out every emotion from of your soul as he riffs, rolls and rakes along on the resonator guitar. He adds his vocal stylings to the stack as well. Also accomplished on banjo and guitar, Miles counts Earl Scruggs, JD Crowe, Rob Ickes, Jerry Douglas, Billy Cardine and Bryan Sutton among his influences.

Byron Myhre

Second-generation old-time fiddle champion and a fine bluegrass fiddler,  Byron Myhre (Edmonton, AB) adds flash, flare and fine fills to the outfit. Byron honed his chops as a long-time member of the Canadian bluegrass band Jerusalem Ridge (along with fellow Nomad Jones member, Craig Korth), touring Canada and the Pacific Northwest extensively over a period of nearly 20 years. Byron also operates Myhre’s Music in Edmonton Alberta

Craig Korth

Providing the drive and direction for Nomad Jones is preeminent performer and multi-instrumentalist Craig Korth (Nelson, BC). Craig brings a vast knowledge of the genre to the band with nearly 40 years experience taking the stage across North America. On top of his brilliant playing, his insights into the history of the music, the players and the instruments add greatly to the overall Nomad Jones experience.

Bill Humby

Rounding out the band is Bill Humby (Nanaimo, BC) singing his heart out on lead and harmony vocals and providing rooted guitar rhythm. Bill has a vast musical background that includes performing in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, drumming in a lounge band, and singing with his family on a French Canadian reality television show. Since catching the bluegrass bug at the turn of the century (Y2K), Bill continues to expand the band repertoire, always searching for new tunes with that great harmony hook.