Q Brooke Bachand

Nomad Jones

“Liquid-clear vocal … masterful fiddling … beginning with the clarity, if not majesty , of Q’s vocal strengths.”

– Penquin Eggs

Non-binary West Coast artist ‘Q’ (they/them) is one of B.C.’s most powerful fiddlers and most versatile performers. With a passion for and love of folk and Celtic music, including an MA in traditional Irish music performance from the University of Limerick, Q is also adept at bluegrass.
At Cowichan, Q will lead Irish Roots, a workshop exploring the connections and common but sometimes divergent repertoire between Irish and bluegrass. They are also appearing with the band Hoss Mountain. Q is president of the Victoria Fiddle Society, and also holds an MA in infectious diseases and public health from VU Amsterdam. 

Q they/them website