Story House

The Slocan Ramblers

Story House is four musicians who’ve been active in the Pacific Northwest Bluegrass and Folk scene for a good long time. They have played everything from folk to rock-and-roll, jazz, country, twin-fiddle Bill Monroe-style bluegrass and everything in between.

The band features original songs and tunes mixed with covers. Though all four members of the band sing, Jake and Maiken’s arresting duet singing is the cornerstone of the band’s vocal sound.

Maiken de Villiers (double bass) and Jake de Villiers (guitar) played with John Reischman’s Tribute to Bill Monroe; Jake was the guitar player with John Reischman and Kootenay Loop.

Tim Eccles (banjo) was the guitar player with Great Northern and mandolinist with 5 on a String.

Pete Goodall (mandolin) has played mandolin and guitar with Stay Tuned and Fidelity Grange.

Story House