Tammy Fassaert

The Slocan Ramblers


“The sound of wood smoke and clear mountain streams, ancient echos of folk and country music before the businessmen in designer cowboy boots stole the music.”

– Victoria Times Colonist





Long-time fans of bluegrass will be familiar with Canadian trailblazer Tammy Fassaert for her work with Laurie Lewis, John Reischman, Sally Van Meter, Scott Nygaard, Doug Cox and more. For those not yet in on the secret, we are honoured to celebrate Tammy’s return to the music scene after a busy career in the field of health care. Her skills as a rock-solid upright bass player and steady-as-they come guitarist has earned her international accolades well beyond her original roots in traditional bluegrass, making her a welcome figure in contemporary folk and acoustic/roots circles as well. As her home-town Comox Valley Record wrote: “She has earned a reputation in bluegrass circles for the technical expertise, timing, and attack required for the repertoire, and the confidence to thoroughly enjoy it.” Her albums Just Passin’ Through and Corner of My Eye are treasured contributions to the bluegrass catalogue. Look for Tammy in workshops Saturday including The Grass Ceiling: Women in Bluegrass.